Tim’s Parlee Chebacco Hidden 1x

Glen Words By The Velo House | 01/12/2016 16:58:00

Glen’s had his thinking cap on in the Workshop this month and produced what we think may just be the perfect one-of-a-kind gravel bike... I started working on this project about 2 months ago, on my own ‘cross bike, when an idea struck me that it was possible to completely conceal a Di2 set-up – no ugly.... More

How to get into ‘cross and where to ride

Glen Words By The Velo House | 26/11/2016 13:25:00

Our resident ‘Cross guru, Glen, explains everything you need to know about how to start racing ‘cross and where to ride locally... So, here’s the background,... There are various claims for the first ever cyclocross race, but basically cross started as a way to train through the winter. The road surfaces in most countries in the mid 1900’s.... More

Shop tech blog – Long-term test of SRAM eTap vs. Shimano Di2

Glen Words By The Velo House | 03/08/2016 14:27:00

Wires or no wires, what's all the fuss about?... Okay, so here's the background... Shimano basically hit the ground running six years ago, launching a great facelift version of their 10 speed Dura-Ace cable groupset. It was called Di2 which stands for Digital Integrated Intelligence. It proved to be a little delicate so they quickly followed it.... More

Shop tech blog – Condor Acciaio Stainless

Glen Words By The Velo House | 21/05/2016 19:53:00

Can a material that we built bikes from over 100 years ago still be relevant? In a world full of custom carbon fibre, lightweight aluminium and comfortable titanium why would you build a bike out of steel?... For Condor and The Velo House, bespoke bikes are the connection that we have with our clients, friends and customers. We’ve built bikes for.... More

Paris done – Parlee ESX tech bit

Glen Words By The Velo House | 21/03/2016 15:16:00

The Parlee Cycles ESX – Traditionally fast and aero meant stiff as a board and uncomfortable, but I decided to test mine by riding to Paris... Our journey began when Olly realised that there seemed to be no official record for London to Paris. I was on board straight away and soon enough we’d roped a few more in,.... More

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