Sram HRD Etap First Ride

Olly Words By The Velo House | 26/06/2017 12:29:55

I am the first to admit I am currently on the fence when it comes to the subject of Disc brakes on road bikes. I have had moments of epiphany like when descending the Col De Colombiere last year on a Focus Izalco Max with Sram Red discs. Despite seeing melted tarmac on the way up I felt so much.... More

Decreasing Marginal Aero Gains – PART TWO

Olly Words By The Velo House | 21/04/2017 12:13:44

Once you have got your position, clothing and helmet sorted there are smaller gains to be made with aero wheels, frames and accessories. That said aerodynamics are the biggest obstacle on a flat TT where you will be travelling at 40-50kph on faster stretches and a 1 watt saving in drag can mean 5 seconds over a 40km TT at.... More

Keep on Track this winter.

Olly Words By The Velo House | 24/11/2016 17:06:00

When it is wet and cold outside the thought of riding where the weather can’t hurt you and there are no hills or headwinds must sound appealing.  Why not try track cycling this winter. In the past the pro riders would turn to the Velodrome over winter months to earn a bit of.... More

Winter cross training

Olly Words By The Velo House | 09/11/2016 17:47:00

Keeping fit in the winter isn't the easiest - the nights are long, it's cold all the time and all the roads are buried under leaves and grit, which apparently puts some people off riding.   At times when going outside on your bike is less appealing, new activities will keep you mentally and physically fresh. Cross-training means combining.... More

Indoor Training the Smart way.

Olly Words By The Velo House | 13/10/2016 13:17:00

In the past just the thought of a turbo trainer session would make me break into a cold sweat. I would rather ride in the cold, rain and dark than sit on an old turbo listening to a combination of tyre squeal, wind fan and annoying American accent on the same DVD I have watched 100 times before..... More

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