Mechanics Courses

Olly Words By The Velo House | 05/01/2016 15:27:00


“Use the correct tool for the job, and use the tool correctly” – rule #94


The “off-season” gives us a chance to share some of what we know with you. We offer three levels of servicing that you can take part in on a 1-to-1 basis. In all three you’ll work side by side with one of our mechanics and you’ll be free to ask as many questions as you’d like and get your hands dirty – the best way to learn.

Courses will run in work hours on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s and pre-booking is essential. Please contact our workshop to find out more or book a course.

If you’re interested in a group booking please email for more info. We can accommodate up to six people at a time in our workshop working across two stands with our mechanics. We’ll show you the basics and how to check your bike for wear, along with basic gear, headset and brake checks.


1-to-1 Basics Course £80

Our 1-to-1 Basics Course will teach you about all those little things that you may be too scared to ask about! We’ll help you understand jobs like changing a tube (and booting a tyre), checking and indexing your gears, changing brake pads, replacing an inner cable, checking for bearing wear and general bike cleaning. The course takes two hours and includes a coffee and cake break on the house.

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1-to-1 Intermediate Course £120


Our 1-to-1 Intermediate Course is ideal if you understand the basics and you’d like to see exactly what we get up to in a Six-Monthly Service. We’ll start by striping the drivetrain from the bike and showing you how to clean and inspect it for wear and damage, before cleaning, adjusting and truing the wheels. Then the frame gets a wash and the breaks get inspected, which gives us time to replace pads or cables if needed. Finally we’ll re-build the bike showing you some of the tricks to keep everything working in good order for Six-months to come! This course takes up to four hours and includes a coffee and cake break on the house.

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1-to-1 Velo-Works Course

Our 1-to-1 Velo-Works Course is perfect if you’ve ever wanted to experience a-day-in-life-of-a-pro-mechanic! We’ll spend approximately six hours rebuilding your faithful steed with you covering just about everything you’d like to know. We strip the bike down and inspect every part for wear and damage. All bearings are checked, re-greased or replaced if necessary. We replace all inner cables and outers if necessary. The wheels are adjusted and trued, before the entire bike gets rebuilt to our very highest standards as usual. We’ll stop for lunch on the house and also the odd coffee break to help keep your attention!

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As well as helping suggest what basic tools and cleaning kit you’ll need for each job we’ll give you a one-time discount on the day. Any parts needed also qualify for a discount on the day.

All parts are chargeable as with our standard servicing. We don’t cover suspension servicing and in the unlikely case that work is likely to overrun it will be chargeable – you would, of course, be made aware of this beforehand.