Bike Fitting Options

Olly Words By The Velo House | 23/01/2015 16:45:00

Bike Sizing Service (20 minutes) 


  • Bike Sizing is an ideal way to start off and determine the right size bike for you
  • This process is done by taking a number of key measurements and doing some flexibility test
  • Measurements include height and inseam
  • This service has a charge but is refundable on purchase of a bike or frame
  • Includes a free hot drink of your choice
  • No need to book an appointment, please fell free to drop in for a chat.

The Velo House Road Bike fit (1.5 hours)


  • The session will start with a quick chat about your cycling history and aspirations 
  • Flexibility and functional movement assessment
  • Physical assessment to identify areas that may effect you on the bike
  • Cleat fore-and-aft position checked and adjusted
  • Detailed assessment of cleat set-up, including supply and fitting of cleat or heel wedges as required
  • Rider position adjusted, if necessary, to reflect possible limitations imposed by geometry of their existing bike
  • Fit dimensions noted and transferred back on to customer’s bike
  • Includes follow-up consultation after six to eight weeks.
  • Includes a free hot drink of your choice

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