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Olly Words By The Velo House | 27/01/2015 16:14:00

Achieving a good fit on your bike is probably the single most important factor in ensuring that you enjoy your cycling, and our bike fitting service will help ensure that your bike is optimally set up to deliver the best balance between comfort and efficiency.

Our service is based around the newest practices in bike fitting,  and offers an in-depth bike fit. Allowing for us to fine-tuning your bike to fit you, so that everything feels second nature as you ride. This option draws on our wealth of experience and training with a number of different bike fitting systems from through to Body Geometry fitting system. Over the years we have been able to refine our fitting approach so that we can get you dialled in to you bike and also where necessary work with a physiotherapist to eliminate your aches and pains, providing a more comfortable experience when riding your bike.

The fit is conducted on a static trainer using your bike or if you haven’t purchased one yet we can use a new bike;

After an interview regarding cycling goals, injury history and aspirations we move onto the following stages.

Phase one assessment


 Phase two analyses

Foot Structure   Cleat position and alignment
Knee alignment   Saddle height
Hip alignment   Saddle fore and aft
Back flexibility   Bar height
Torso measurement   Bar width
Shoulder structure and balance   Shifter position
Shoulder width   Saddle support
Neck flexibility   Knee tracking


We recognise that comfort on the bike is important and often subjective so we won’t just leave you after the fit is done, and offer a fine tune follow up. This can be conducted after a few weeks of riding and is designed to make sure you are completely happy with everything and settling into your new position on the bike.

Any changes that are made to you bike will be setup by our trained mechanics at no extra cost for the labour plus we’ll even offer you 10% of any new parts your require (excluding a bike). 

Please feel free to contact us on 01892 554503 if you have any question or special requirements for you bike fit.


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Bike Fitting Options

Bike Sizing Service (20 minutes) 


  • Bike Sizing is an ideal way to start off and determine the right size bike for you
  • This process is done by taking a number of key measurements and doing some flexibility test
  • Measurements include height and inseam
  • This service has a charge but is refundable on purchase of a bike or frame
  • Includes a free hot drink of your choice
  • No need to book an appointment, please fell free to drop in for a chat.

The Velo House Road Bike fit (1.5 hours)


  • The session will start with a quick chat about your cycling history and aspirations 
  • Flexibility and functional movement assessment
  • Physical assessment to identify areas that may effect you on the bike
  • Cleat fore-and-aft position checked and adjusted
  • Detailed assessment of cleat set-up, including supply and fitting of cleat or heel wedges as required
  • Rider position adjusted, if necessary, to reflect possible limitations imposed by geometry of their existing bike
  • Fit dimensions noted and transferred back on to customer’s bike
  • Includes follow-up consultation after six to eight weeks.
  • Includes a free hot drink of your choice

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