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Events at The Velo House

Events - Rides

  • Box'n'Biggin
    A Long ride to Boxhill and back.
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  • Mind the Gap
    Mind the Gap
    Looking for a nice route up to the City, try this lovely 63KM trip.
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  • Off the Beaten Track
    Off the Beaten Track

    15km rough route across the beautiful Kent county side. Perfect for giving Cyclocross ago .

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  • Park and Ride
    Park and Ride
    To Cyclopark and Back.
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  • The Hell of the North Downs
    The Hell of the North Downs
    A Challenging loop over the North Downs
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Events - Challenges

  • Join Us on Strava
    Join Us on Strava
    Come and Join our Strava Club for a challenge and chance to win some Velo House goodies.
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Events - Regular Events

  • Saturday Shop Ride
    Saturday Shop Ride

    Our Saturday shop rides will be a group ride of around 30 miles or 50 kilometers, ridden at an average speed of 15 mph/24 mph. Starting for 8:30, the ride should take 2 hours finishing off back at The Velo House.  

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  • Women's Rides
    Women's Rides

    Our Women's Rides we will be lead short rides around the beautiful local country side. Every Wednesday leaving at 10am. The pace is a steady and social designed to help build confidence on the road.

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